COVID-19 UPDATE 3.20.20

Greets Freshwaters Family

I pray that you are well in the midst of our uncertain world. We must remember that our Lord has promised us that he has overcome the world, and that we should not be afraid.  Scripture tells us that if we humbly seek the Lord He will heal our land; and God will bring forth good out of the bad.  This might be a transformative moment in our spiritual and national life for it has shaken us out of our complacency. I pray that when this situation passes we can learn from the lessons of this       moment.

Here are some updates for you:

****Freshwaters is still church even though we might not be meeting together in person – pray for each other daily; reach out to one another through phone calls; if you need help contact Pastor Kevin or a brother or sister in Christ --- Pastor Kevin is available to talk on the phone 651-414-1132 if you need spiritual support.

****Worship will be online on March 22 and March 29 at 10am through our Facebook page.  We will strive to have worship live, but we might have to pre-record it if “going live” does not work.  We ask for your patience, understanding, and grace as we are having to learn as we go.

     ****At this point we would like to start worship again by April 5, BUT we must PREPARE ourselves that we MIGHT have to suspend worship into April! 

****We ask you to PLEASE remember Freshwaters in your financial giving – we understand this situation is impacting many people.  We ask that if you can give, it will help us to continue to offer spiritual ministry to you and the community. You can send in your gifts to Freshwaters UMC 112 7th Ave N, Princeton, MN 55371 -- You can give online:

****Bags of Blessing will continue – Ildiko and Isaac will create a list of things we will need.  They hope to go shopping and we pray that the shelves will be restocked soon.  We ask for some volunteers to come in as needed for packing.

****Most importantly that you pray daily! Search the scriptures! Get outside for a  walk! Get rest! Listen to music! Feed your soul! Turn off the phone or the news! Love your family! Eat healthy! Stay connected to God and to one another!